23 Feb 2017

I have been doing online classes with westalee rulers and this is a sample of a pattern that was shared in one of my lessons. I  now have a supreme slider which makes moving the fabric easier and some quilting gloves. Am quite happy with my sample but had to stop as arm was starting to hurt. It is a learning curve but enjoyed it a lot. The foot for my bernina 430 and the ruler come from australia. I have other rulers and need to learn how to use them.  As usual I want to try everything. Thanks for reading, Hugs....

22 Dec 2016

This christmas we were planning to go the christmas market in strasbourg between christmas and new year while Jeff is on holiday. But again the authorities decided to close it on the 24 because of the expense of  watching the markets, I have heard there are an extra 700 security staff at the moment. Which means we miss it again this year. What is the world coming to. I will not let them intimidate me, I will be choosing another christmas market. If we stay at home they win as that is what they want. We decided to go to a closer market in Metz and spend a couple of nights there so we can fully enjoy it. We will be taking Phoebe with us and to make it easier for her we bought a lovely dog carrier. Last year in brussels we had to keep picking her up as it was crowded and she was getting tired. Here you can see Jeff  and my friend testing it to see the fit was good. She seems quite contented. And Jeff will love all the ladies coming up to hime and petting the dog.

19 Jul 2016

day and night quilt

I had a chance to have my day and night top quilted by a longarmer while visiting the UK. I am thrilled with the result. It was really worth having done as I would have ruined it trying to do it myself. Not very good at the quilting yet.  I will have to practice more on smaller quilts though. My quilt top had so many angles that I decided to go with a completely different look for the quilting and went for bubbles. I love it. I used white on white for the back and the binding is black.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Here are the bubbles close up.

23 May 2016


Jeff has been busy outside getting the garden ready for the summer now that the nice weather has arrived. Terrace cleaned properly with karcher of course and all the furniture moved out and put back. Everything is very green now and inviting. . The spring flowers have come and gone and now the summer ones are on their way.Irises, roses, lilac .........

  The back terrrace is nice and inviting now with my two rocking chairs, just hope for some nice weather now. It changes al the time here. We are looking forward to our first barbecue outside. It won't be next week end as we go to Lisbon on thursday for 5 days but maybe we will come back to some beautiful weather and have one the following week end.

He even bought me a standing planter so I can have a go at trying to grow things at my level. I am not very good at ground level, lol. I have planted some lettuce, radishes and a chili pepper plant in it. Strawberries are on flower as well, looking forward to eating them in a few weeks.

10 May 2016

some old favourites

I have decided to leave the DT position on isnpiration destination  as it was not really what I was hoping for. It was the first time I was on a DT and I learned lots from it. I  hope I can join a team again one day as I enjoyed the challenges, but not just now.

As I don't have anything new to share right now I thought I would share some of my older cards. I have been stamping for 15+ years now and have always loved it. I don't only do stamped cards but they are my favourite :-)

The tulip one was done on watercolor paper and colored with tombo markers. The poppy one is stamped on to a printed paper (a picture of clouds in the sky) and then simply coloured and layered. Not sure what I used to colour the poppies.

The lighthouse card was designed in craftartist for a birth announcement card. It was made for a
friend of my husbands who was a captain of a boat. Not usually the kind of card I make but I quite enjoyed designing it.

I think it is the coloring in I enjoy the most.

19 Apr 2016


it is the time of the week where I share a card  I made for the challenge at inspiration destination blogspot   using a beautiful image from east wind designs called kimono girl mon armour  Please check their images out, they are so pretty.

I coloured the girl with my copic markers on to white card cut out of a faux stitching die. This time I remembered to cut the image out before coloring, in case things went wrong with the cutting I would not have to start all over again.

For those living in France the best card I have found for coloring with copic markers is DCP from clairefontaine which is a laser printer paper. It exists in different weights from 80 grs to 250 grs.

The background paper is a paper I bought years ago while travelling in british columbia from a lady who had a stamping shop in her house in the mddle of nowhere. Those were the days when stamp shops were not really that popular. Things have changed now.

I try to keep my colouring to three colors, find it is less confusing to the eye. This was black, red and white themed ,OK white is not a colour, but you get what I mean, Hope you like it, I do......  I think I might even keep this one and frame it.

12 Apr 2016

IDBC number 81

This week my DT card for inspiration destination blog is from a day for daisies and is called a little bird told me . This is the first time I have coloured any animal with fur and not sure whether I got it right or not. But it was an experiment. Though hubby says it looks like a bald cat . I loved the image though and hope you do to. Thanks to a day for daisies for sponsoring us over at inspiration destination this week.